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Who I Am

True health and happiness is something I believe anybody can achieve, we each just take a slightly different path to get there.

I want to help people love themselves, love others and love the world around them. This starts with your own mental health. After years of emphatic interest in nutrition, I realized that good nutrition and healthy living is more complicated than what most of us think. Considering my love for nutrition and the fact that I love helping others, I decided to dedicate myself to helping people navigate their lifestyle choices, and went back to school. I graduated from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in 2019 where I learned so much about specific diets, biology, environmental concerns, herbal medicine, and even the very function of the human cell.

There are many 'diets' out there, and eating raw vegetables and fruit, whole grains and avoiding processed foods and sugars are generally great ways to start eating healthier. But we are all different! Everybody requires an individualized protocol depending on conditions, health factors, lifestyle choices, and what exactly each client wants to work on. I can help in building a protocol that works for you.

Holistic overall health is more than just an eating regimen, it's focusing on overall lifestyle and belief in oneself.

Overall health is more than just an eating regimen, it's focusing on overall lifestyle and belief in oneself. It's being positive, getting sufficient amount of sleep, being kind to yourself and others, and being open to changes & willing to try new things. For me, meditation and yoga are also a huge part of achieving a healthier life, as they both benefit mental health, a very significant part of living our healthiest lives. I am certain that my assistance and coaching will help improve mental health of my clients as much as digestive or organ health.

I encourage my clients to aim for an organic garden-to-table lifestyle, which in one way or another, contributes to all pillars of health. We can do this! Go to my contact page to contact me directly either by phone or email. I would love to hear from you!



Online Supplement & Health Food Products:

All of these sources are available to order Canada-wide

Hubliss Nutrition                                       
National Nutrition
Canada-wide Resources:
Food Secure Canada

A Canadian group of advocates for food sovereignty, food safety and food security in Canada.

British Columbia Resources:
B.C. Association of Farmer’s Markets

Fantastic source to find your local B.C. farmer’s market, resources for how to get involved, and even find out what is in season that is being sold

Certified Organic Associations of B.C.

Great information about the certification of Organic food distribution in B.C.

Quesnel/Cariboo-Chilcotin Region Resources:
Community Futures Quesnel

A wonderful resource for any small business looking for loans, education or business tips and recommendation from experienced and friendly experts!

Quesnel Women’s Resource Centre

A fantastic part of the community supporting women in numerous capacities, even just a warm place to talk to someone. 

Green Tree Health & Wellness

This great local health foods store is such a delight to frequent.  Such great, friendly staff, and a great variety of products!

Long Table Grocery 

The epitome of local farm to table produce, meat and prepared meals. A true gem that’s not just a source for local grocery and food, but also provides a great organic produce delivery service.

It’s never too late to improve, learn and love again!

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