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Nutritional Consulting Services Cariboo North Area GET IN TOUCH

Jeffrey Horn

CNP, NNCP, owner of Whole Instinct Nutrition Inc.

I provide 1 on 1 holistic nutritional coaching for adults and families in person within the Cariboo North region, and virtually from anywhere in B.C.

I aim to benefit your overall health by analyzing any symptoms or conditions you may be experiencing, and strive to collaborate with each client to build a healthier and happier life by emphasizing healthy food & meal plans as well as beneficial lifestyle choices. With specific focus on aiding digestion and mental health through culinary practices within the home, and therapeutic practices outside of the home, I believe we can work together to create a happy and fulfilling life that you want and deserve.


Did you know?

Oils all have fat molecules in them, but some oils can be broken down easily from high heat, and therefore will lose specific nutrients, and break down into components that are toxic for your body.

In some cases, a certain food product can list specific ingredients under umbrella terms such as ‘Flavors” and “Spices”.  Keep an eye on that if you are looking for long, hard-to-pronounce words in the ingredients list.

It increases gastrointestinal activity, increases the output of stomach acid, causing premature digestion in the stomach, it can also cause stomach and intestinal irritation, as well as Increase fluid loss and activity from kidneys, which is why it’s considered a diuretic.

Water soluble vitamins such as Vitamin B’s and Vitamin C are easily dissolved in fluids within the body, and need to be replenished daily if deficient.  Fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, E & K, are dissolved in…you guessed it…fat or lipids, and are dissolved much slower in the body, and actually are even stored in the body’s tissues for a long period of time.

For Spinach and mushrooms, cooking them actually increases their antioxidant properties, which protect the body’s cells, as well as increasing the potency of certain minerals such as potassium (an electrolyte), iron (oxygen transportation & energy production) and zinc (stomach acid production).

“Love people and feed them.”
- Neem Karoli Baba


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