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Women of INfluence Series: Chapter 2

Meet Sarah Guest, a mother and wife, supportive daughter & granddaughter,  teacher, a talented photographer, blogger and artist. Sarah has done a lot of hard work on her anxiety and subsequent depression through the years and has been a significant influence not just on my own work towards understanding my anxiety-driven tendencies, but just simply who I am and what I really want in life. This is my latest instalment of the Whole Instinct Nutrition’s Women of INfluence series.
Sarah and I have known each other for over 20 years, since elementary school actually. Only recently though have I learned just how strong of a woman she is!
Over a year ago, I came across Sarah’s blog, where she opens the doors and invites the reader through, exposing any of her experiences related to anxiety, chronic pain, confrontational situations and depression. She observes all aspects of her life, making herself susceptible to any kind of criticism. Falling upon an old friend’s wonderfully written stories by chance affected me differently than if it had been a stranger’s blog. Her description of this condition was starkly honest, emotional, relatable and helped me realize that I CAN live a regular life while still experiencing anxiety and everything that comes along with it. Sarah’s writing opened my eyes,  but it was Sarah’s subsequent verbal support that she provided me as we got reacquainted, that opened my mind and heart to realize that it’s possible to pay it forward, so to speak. That it’s possible to experience this, and still have the capacity to get out of my own damn head every once in a while and be truly present for others. I could see almost immediately the lengths that Sarah would go, to support the men in her life despite what she struggles with. Maybe men can be emotionally supportive to the women closest to them, with just a little bit of effort!
Sarah’s strength and continued drive to improve as a woman is very admirable and will continue to make her successful in all aspects of life, always learning and evolving. This mindset is important, and in some ways necessary for our well being and overall health.
Check out Sarah’s blog at , her photography site at or her Instagram @art_of_beingness

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